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About us

Uncommonly creative | Unwaveringly trusted | Unabashedly fun.


MD A&C | MD Architectural Design & Construction Limited is established in 2019 by Melis Cetin, located in London, UK. 


MD A&C | MD Architectural Design & Construction Limited known for its adventurous aesthetic, quality craftmanship and inspired approach to capturing the heart and soul of every project in masterful architectural design detail. 

Our friendly and highly skilled team is passionate about delivering beautiful & affordable homes through a uniquely collaborative process.

We believe that every project has a unique soul, just as distinctive as each client, and it's our job to evoke that personality through space planning, architectural design, interior material selection, furniture& decor and urban developments. We work with our clients during all stages of the project development, concept design, planning application etc.

Through use of the latest technology using efficient digital work stages based on BIM and computational design.  

Without ever losing sight of budgetary or time constraints, we deliver optimised and personal spaces that beyond expectations!



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Founder/ Architect & Interior Designer

Tel: UK: +44 7848 282935

       TR: +90 535 6 276 276

Melis started studying architecture at Beykent University in 2013 in Istanbul. Also, she started her second major degree for interior design in 2017.
In 2017 she took interior design courses at University of Arts London.
Melis graduated from Beykent University Architecture and Interior Architecture departments in 2018.
She completed Master of Architecture (RIBA Part 2) in University of East London in 2021.

She focuses on contemporary use of robotics in architecture and construction. Her master degree  is based on computational design strategies and robotic construction methods. 
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Deniz Hismioglu
Interior Designer & Project Manager

Tel: UK: +44 7848 282935

       TR: +90 535 6 276 276

Deniz started studying interior architecture at Europeon University of Lefke in Cyprus. 
In 2017 he took interior design courses at University of Arts London
Deniz graduated from Europeon University of Lefke.

After gaining experience in international projects in various offices, he joined the MD Architectural Design & Construction team. He is currently in the role of an active designer both in our office and takes place in the control phase of all our construction sites.

He focuses sustainable interior design standarts in the world. His master degree  is based on sustainable architecture design strategies.
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