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Material Innovation Hub
Robotic Fabrication Research Project
Time: 2019-2020
Location: Goswell Road, London
Program: Research
Consideration of the site analysis and polemic, I chose that the building programme should be “Material Innovation Hub” by integrating research zones and manufacturing platforms.
The building invites the residents, the professionals and all people who acquire the cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, Hologram presentation experience, workshops and following the state of art. The programme of the building is an accurate destination for designers and engineers to interact with new design, sustainable materials, innovative trends and find inspiration across industry perspective on materials.
The programme targets to be the center on the future of the relationship between design and materials to prevent any lack of communication. How can collaboration between these two disciplines positively affect our future? How can these elements work in concert to create a more sustainable product/space with robotic manufacturing tools?
This programme help to find these all goals with the inner zones such as material library, material landscape, material exhibition halls, material advisory by guidance grom the experts.
The building shares the site with a list 2 building which needs to be retained. Also, it has one contiguous façade on south-west. There are nearly 20 architectural offices in 200m radius of
the site. Also, there are many design product and furniture sellers who are potential users of the material innovation hub. The site has high noise and air pollution level which I took into consideration in design process. The façade elements of my building are designed to work environmentally positive when merged together. In order to gain a thickness of 150mm the elements were casted with
Ultra-High performance fibre-reinforced concrete. All relevant details are in following pages.
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